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love the product you sell
explore your ambition and exercise your creativity with a growing company that shares your commitment to personal relationships, superb quality, artistic creativity and natural, healthy living

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Dolce Mia's bath and beauty line is represented throughout the United States by individuals who came to us wanting to sell a product they love.

They love the vintage designs, the natural formulations, which are made in California, the unique fragrances, and of course the great looks. Dolce Mia Reps come brimming with ideas for where and to whom to sell it, and for which of the multitude of opportunities they would like to pursue. We tend to attract creative, ambitious professionals—a person who whether currently working or not has typically been looking around a while, but not finding the right thing. With Dolce Mia they feel that "at last!" feeling. Finally, they have a plan for their future that excites them!

It is being able to share these feelings, being involved with people's lives and ambitions on this level that is one of the great benefits to us of the Dolce Mia sales structure. We no longer work with "rep groups", preferring one-on-one relationships. Our sales reps are all independent. All unique and uniquely talented. All with great ambitions. They are their own bosses.

Working one-on-one also allows us to be more flexible with people. If your goal is to make Dolce Mia a full-time thing, then go get 'em! If you prefer something more part-time, that works fine for us as well. We understand that our reps have different needs, and that lives change. We are prepared to grow with you.

We have also done away with traditional territories, preferring to allow people to discover new business wherever they may (though we do have a great system for keeping from stepping on each other's toes). Nor do we place any limits on the size of account you can go after. All opportunities, large and small, near and far would be yours for the taking.

Gift shops, card shops, children's stores, high-end groceries, clothing boutiques, salons, hotels, universities, feed stores, tack shops...the list goes on. Small stores, large chains, cruise lines, airlines.... And because our soaps are easily customized, a whole other set of possibility presents itself. Corporate gifts, wedding favors, commemorative gifts for special events, items for school fundraisers...again the problem is not a lack of ideas but a surplus. Where to begin?

Long time Designer Rep Kyle says, "Working for Dolce Mia has helped me strengthen my sales and marketing skills and gives me a chance to experience developing a small business of my own."

"I'm proud to be a rep for an outstanding company that's going to continue to grow. I love the people and the product," says Designer Rep Michelle.

If you are interested in making Dolce Mia part of your professional future, please contact us. We are a growing company and we have openings across the country today.

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